About Balance On Purpose

* Balance On Purpose is a psychic healing business providing Soul purpose readings and healing programs *

Balance On Purpose will help you to make positive changes for yourself and in your relationships by increasing the amount that you love yourself. Your relationships will release drama and difficulty to become harmonious and loving. You will have the freedom to attract your Soulmate relationship as you will let go of Soul-level blocks stopping the real you shining your love into the world like a beacon! You will make more connections with like-minded souls that colour-in your life, enable you to grow and fill you full of love and inspiration. Opportunities can come to you through the great relationships in your work life too!

The main purpose of the work is to allow you to discover your “baseline” at Soul-level, what is true for your soul and which brings you joy and peace. You will rediscover your Soul’s purpose, so you can come back into balance with your soul’s abundant energy, bringing you happiness and making life much more easy! I will reconnect you to your soul’s origins once again, and show you how to use all this information in your life right now to live a full, abundant, creative and happy physical life that is divinely guided by your soul and spiritual self.

Jennifer Sanders



My special focus is on bringing people back into alignment with the divinity of their soul. I help people to live their Balance On Purpose by shifting away from pain and back into sync with your Soul’s purpose! If you are a hard-working positive soul or a sensitive “light-worker” that works with joy and positivity then Balance On Purpose is here to assist you in your growth to be more aware of YOUR divine nature.

Are you looking to find more romantic love in your work/life balance? Maybe you have worked so hard for other people you feel sunken into the drudgery yourself and have lost some of your sparkle and your Soulmate cannot see you shine!! Maybe you feel that you have become trapped by the pressure of our society to over-work yourself in a 40 hour a week job (or more!) and you are seeking to find more harmony and lightness in your work/life balance? A Soul realignment* Soul purpose reading is perfect for you!


You have a wonderful opportunity for change and transformation to bring more happiness and magic into your life!If you want more time to spend with your family and more time having fun instead of being “serious” in how you serve other people and the world in your work, then find out about your Soul profile in your Soul purpose reading!
To go deeply into the calm, balanced and sacred healing space that I hold for VIP clients I would also like invite you to read more about my 3 month Soul-healing program. For more information and to apply please complete the questionnaire here.

Love and Blessings

Jennifer Smith xxx

 * Soul realignment is a registered trademark *

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