How can we stop attracting the men that cause us pain?

  • Posted on November 15, 2017 at 12:55 pm

Balance On PurposeAs I starting writing this blog post I first off realised I NEEDED TO CHANGE the TITLE from

“How can we stop attracting the MEN (or WOMEN) that cause us pain?”

to “How can we stop attracting SEXUAL LOVE that cause us pain?

Actually that feels a little uncomfortable and edgy naming “sexual love” but it is definitely more accurate!


It is more correct in another way too, because it helps us SHIFT AWAY from being in the victim energy which is all yucky and is about what is being done to us without any blame on us.

It stops us thinking that “pain” is caused to me by a man/woman. And it STARTS us feeling more POWERFUL because we name what the situation is that we are doing in our life that is bringing the pain.

A sexual partner is allowed deeply into our life, emotions and makes us vulnerable as we are open in our barest sense! As we name our choice of sexual lover to be a crappy selection we are pinpointing specifically that we are allowing a negative energy to affect us deeply on a sexual and intimate level.


Have you noticed that all those sensitive people who are the type who are your really good friends, you just are not attracted to them sexually? This is a clue that you are attracting sexual love that causes you pain and you need to figure out how to choose differently. Don’t worry you still get to choose a partner who you are attracted to but once you’ve taken those deep healing steps to work out why you’ve been choosing wrong and how to make a new choice you’ll be able to attract the man (or woman) of your dreams and get that Mills and Boon feeling (ask your mum if you’ve never seen a Mills and Boon book!).

Bring the power back to OURSELVES to change our life.

Change what we do

Change the people we are with

Change the people we talk about



Change the choices in your mind and emotions and attract who you really do want and not who causes you pain.


If you would like to learn about your own choices causing you pain and how to make new choices to attract the right sexual love you can invest in your Soul realignment psychic reading to uncover the specific choices holding you back.

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Sending Love and light and truth

Jennifer xxx


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