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How can we stop attracting the men that cause us pain?

  • Posted on November 15, 2017 at 12:55 pm
Balance On Purpose

As I starting writing this blog post I first off realised I NEEDED TO CHANGE the TITLE from “How can we stop attracting the MEN (or WOMEN) that cause us pain?” to “How can we stop attracting SEXUAL LOVE that cause us pain? Actually that feels a little uncomfortable and edgy naming “sexual love” but it is definitely more accurate!   It is more correct in another way too, because it helps us SHIFT AWAY from being in the victim energy which is all yucky and is about what is being done to us without any blame on us. It…

What is important to me during pregnancy to keep balanced?

  • Posted on May 24, 2017 at 3:20 pm

How do I keep myself balanced and full of happiness during pregnancy?

I thought about this question myself as I was asked to write a guest blog post for the Pregnancy Pantry my very dear friend’s website all about clean eating and healthy living during pregnancy —– AND as being very pregnant again myself for the second time it is a question close to my heart at the moment as you can imagine!



I really have a hard time with morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy so for me, in that first 3 months it is all about eating well to feel good (or as okay as possible really!). So in that first trimester I recommend really following all the advice Vanessa gives on the pregnancy pantry recipes and blog posts about food because getting enough food into you all day long I found was the key to managing the nausea!

As my gran says there is nothing at all like that nausea in pregnancy so keeping your blood sugars constant, not getting an empty tummy and avoiding foods that trigger heartburn all helped immensely in keeping me on an even keel and keeping my energy levels up when running around after a toddler!


As that first trimester passed (and the nausea passed along with it thank goodness!) I had a slightly different focus, keeping it simple: Being happy and healthy.

Whilst eating properly is still important there is another thing that keeps me happy, healthy and balanced now. And that is finding, then keeping going with my own holistic practise.

Pregnancy is and can be for many of us a very emotional time, what with all the hormones running wild round your body to grow a new baby it’s like teenager-hood or pre-menstrual stress all rolled into one!

Especially when you have other children and indeed small toddlers who find it difficult to reason what is going on. So a holistic practise keeps you grounded and gives you the reserves of patience you really need. On a physical level this type of practise that is working for you well will also relax you so that you can wind down and get better rest time and better sleep too. All necessary for happiness throughout the day!!


I’ve written Honesty because it is so important to be honest with yourself about what is and isn’t working well for you. This can be really different to what works well when you are not pregnant so keep that in mind that it is a good idea to be flexible and change up what you are doing.

For example a super long relaxing back massage is great as a monthly treat to refresh you, and maybe your practitioner combines this with energy healing like Reiki so you get the benefit of chakra clearing too. But when you are getting bigger and bigger in pregnancy you might need something more regular and need a session every week as the changes build up more stresses in your joints and pelvis than before, and you can’t very well lay on your front for a hour with a big bump! If this sounds like you then try acupunture jointly with a little massage or go for reflexology which is surprisingly incredibly relaxing even though only your feet are being touched!

Most importantly do remember to tell any current or new holistic practitioner about your pregnancy so they can work safely with you and your developing baby.

My own holistic practise is centred more around yoga and I know that Vanessa has already written about the benefits of yoga in pregnancy so you can read up about that on her Yoga blog on her Pregnancy Pantry website. However I’d like to share with you how I had to really adapt the yoga that I already knew when I became pregnant.


It can become quite hard to carry out a spiritual practise such as yoga and meditation regularly when you find out you are expecting. HAVE to mention it again but morning sickness can sap so much out of you it becomes hard to simply function, go to work, feed yourself and organise the first child (or children!) that you feel wiped out and can stop going to your yoga class or stop doing your own yoga at home so much.

Then you beat yourself up about not doing what you know is good for you – I’ve been through this myself so I understand about just needing to rest to get through the day. In fact I’ve actually been through a process a number of times knowing I need to do more of my own holistic practise when life changed and became incredibly busy or different and I worked out a number of ways of making it easy to carry on with my own yoga every day.

Being kind to yourself and respecting your limits is very important in managing to fit in your holistic practise regularly.

With doing yoga in pregnancy its so helpful to keep it up regularly to keep fit and supple for the birth. However I found there were so many positions in yoga that I couldn’t do or didn’t enjoy being pregnant the first time round I was at a loss as to what to do? Laying on my back with morning sickness made me feel worse. Any sitting positions bending forward or laying on my front then also became a no-no!

Second time round with baby number two on the way I have learnt a variety of good ante-natal yoga techniques from an experienced yoga teacher (who had 4 babies!). I also discovered a great book called “New Active Birth” by Jane Balaskas. And although I would not swap personal training in yoga with reading from a book, if you are already quite experienced in yoga this will guide you how to tailor your yoga for pregnancy AND help with the birthing process too.



Love from your soul self

  • Posted on March 15, 2017 at 3:34 pm

Love from your soul self is so important because we would all like to feel loved and valued all the time. We would like our lives to have a meaning and purpose that is important to us.


When we feel loved and valued we feel more deeply that we have purpose. If we are loved (and FEEL loved) we also feel that we are valuable.

If we make the mistake of listening purely to our own emotional body and our emotional state that naturally goes up and down in cycles, we aren’t feeling the whole truth. We can then easily feel that people in our families don’t love us if our emotional state is in a lower position. We can have bad weeks because of this feeling of not being loved and valued.

One of the biggest problems we face in relationships is when arguments happen that do not get sorted out. This leads to bigger problems! Conflict and different opinions are normal parts of life as we all have different viewpoints however arguments can be a real problem if we don’t feel loved and valued – in those emotional troughs especially because we lash out in anger and don’t communicate productively to get arguments resolved before they carry on too long and RESENTMENT builds up.

Resentment is not a feeling of love and blocks the flow of love too.


Love from our soul self helps us to avoid resentment. When we can be more in alignment with our soul self we can receive more love from our soul self. We are able to feel a range of appropriate emotions but we don’t sink into anger or pain so much that we project this anger outwards at people we love.

We are open and balanced at the throat chakra to be able to tell our views but in a way that is in the highest good of all – what does than mean you might ask? It means with kindness so as not to hurt or wound, assertive but not acid, full of emotion but with a purpose. We can pitch the level of our views so we say it in a way that 1) achieves a resolution and 2) lets our views be known and received most easily.

Feeling more love from your soul self allows us to keep in mind the outcome that we want to achieve with our loved ones.

Feeling more love from your soul self comes from being more in alignment with your soul self. Finding out about your soul self and the divine gifts your soul has in your DNA and soul “blueprint” means you will feel more love from your soul self for YOU! As you move step by step more into alignment with your soul self more and more love flows through from the divine 🙂

Hurrah to that!

Love, light and truth to you all xxxxx