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Love from your soul self

  • Posted on March 15, 2017 at 3:34 pm

Love from your soul self is so important because we would all like to feel loved and valued all the time. We would like our lives to have a meaning and purpose that is important to us.


When we feel loved and valued we feel more deeply that we have purpose. If we are loved (and FEEL loved) we also feel that we are valuable.

If we make the mistake of listening purely to our own emotional body and our emotional state that naturally goes up and down in cycles, we aren’t feeling the whole truth. We can then easily feel that people in our families don’t love us if our emotional state is in a lower position. We can have bad weeks because of this feeling of not being loved and valued.

One of the biggest problems we face in relationships is when arguments happen that do not get sorted out. This leads to bigger problems! Conflict and different opinions are normal parts of life as we all have different viewpoints however arguments can be a real problem if we don’t feel loved and valued – in those emotional troughs especially because we lash out in anger and don’t communicate productively to get arguments resolved before they carry on too long and RESENTMENT builds up.

Resentment is not a feeling of love and blocks the flow of love too.


Love from our soul self helps us to avoid resentment. When we can be more in alignment with our soul self we can receive more love from our soul self. We are able to feel a range of appropriate emotions but we don’t sink into anger or pain so much that we project this anger outwards at people we love.

We are open and balanced at the throat chakra to be able to tell our views but in a way that is in the highest good of all – what does than mean you might ask? It means with kindness so as not to hurt or wound, assertive but not acid, full of emotion but with a purpose. We can pitch the level of our views so we say it in a way that 1) achieves a resolution and 2) lets our views be known and received most easily.

Feeling more love from your soul self allows us to keep in mind the outcome that we want to achieve with our loved ones.

Feeling more love from your soul self comes from being more in alignment with your soul self. Finding out about your soul self and the divine gifts your soul has in your DNA and soul “blueprint” means you will feel more love from your soul self for YOU! As you move step by step more into alignment with your soul self more and more love flows through from the divine 🙂

Hurrah to that!

Love, light and truth to you all xxxxx



Your Reading for January 2017

  • Posted on January 12, 2017 at 11:45 am

The purpose of this reading for you, my tribe, at Balance On Purpose (yes that’s you if you are reading this!) is to help increase love and light flow to each person from the Divine, and to help 2017 be a fresh conduit of new opportunities and new starts for your highest divine good.

What a fabulous opportunity this is to balance up by letting go of the past year 2016 and be in the moment right now. I hope you are thinking of all the wonderful things you would like to experience next?

I know many of you started a fresh even before the 1st of January! Your juicers were out and intentions were made for healthier eating – for example “Veganuary” has been really popular to go vegan for one month in January and learn lots of new recipes! I am cooking vegan at least once a week and baking some vegan brownies for my friends to try.

Delve more deeply into your intentions. Consider those that you have already made over the last year or two. Now we have entered into the age of Aquarius your own powers of inner knowing come into play more. You don’t need to do more research first – you know what to do. Push yourself to go to the next level. You will find now you have a “fresh pair of eyes” to see beyond the everyday and the obvious. You are going to connect more to your higher self and your intuition without having a to work hard at it. This is by more easily recognising the signs of what is in your highest path and purpose.

As you read this, know that I am sending you some sunshine energy, you are alive, you are resilient! May this sunniness help you to clearly see this and guide you when you are ill or off the path of your highest good and possibly feeling low with the lack of light this time of year.

Balance On Purpose


This month you should take a softer, gentler view of yourself. Do seek guidance from your sacred sisters – those relationships with people that inspire and encourage you. I ask you to find your beautiful things – NOT just pretty in looks but beautiful because they raise you up. I bought some inspired art writing sets based upon the museum of art and design the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Gorgeous to look at for me and lovely to receive a handwritten note.

Our feelings this month will be more harmonius if we can be contented and feel secure not by stockpiling goods, but by being more adaptable. If we have good coping strategies and social networks we don’t need lots of physical items around us. Which makes it easier to grow and change. Further into the age of Aquarius the more adaptable we will become. In contrast to the age of Pisces we’ve just left when it was more important to stock pile to get through the years safely. We are no longer worried over the next meal to put on the table or how to afford next weeks shopping but we have created our own systems that mean we can always eat well. We also go out and actively seek work that inspires us instead of staying in the same job for many many years for security. The importance of our social networks for support is back as a priority. Local people looking after each other. Sharing, caring! You will enjoy finding your way back to some more natural rhythms. Producing seasonal veg and sharing excess crops with your families. Also I really do support to share with each other your problems early on. So you can get support and sort things out before it becomes a difficulty. Rather than waiting until after the event and by then its been a bigger problem than necesary. I can see us all being more the powerful creators and resolving conflicts before they get too big.

Remember: we set resolutions not because we are bad people and need to fix something. BUT because we would like to having more ongoing contentment and inner glows! AND because we are good people making a difference to others around us as well.

As a double Sagittarius (sun and moon) I often shoot my arrows to the highest vision that I can imagine. And I’m quite good and visualisation and seeing this in my mind’s eye to help get there. But each small step and each new beginning is what actually pushes us forward. No achievement is ever too small to be rejoiced! Every new step or new beginning is really valuable. I see alot of people put themselves down as they fall short of their perfect ideals, but what is perfect – it is not the same idea for everyone so no one thing is perfect.
Use this new start to take one new step towards your next level of contentment 🙂

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Love and light

Balance On Purpose

Your Indepth reading for 19th to 31st December 2016

  • Posted on December 19, 2016 at 10:25 pm

Balance On Purpose
In depth reading for December 17th – 31st 2016

A time for detail and productive thinking!
Hello there Balance On Purpose followers, I’m creating you some in-depth readings over the next few months and sharing parts on my facebook page and all here for you by email to refer to. This reading finds us in a time when we are cool level-headed and clear thinkers! A very welcome peace of mind after any emotional turmoil we felt last week with the Gemini full dark moon.

For me personally I’m using this logical brain energy to put together the pieces of the puzzles of my next projects here at my biz Balance On Purpose. I super appreciate times when I have a clear mind as after having a baby even though 18 months ago so much shifted and I had to learn so much new baby stuff my brain did seem to lose a lot to be able to fit it all in!

So use this time wisely to think through all your plans carefully or go over tasks that need lots of attention to detail and that you might have put off, now is a good time to do it. Then this time will be fulfilling for you and you can focus on that instead of anything needing a “caring” touch.

Watch out for discussions needing your compassion as it more difficult to stay in your emotional body for these and all too easy to stay in your cognitive ability of your mental body and then lose touch with the warmth we need when dealing with people.

So what are you doing with your income over Christmas? This is definitely the time to think through how you’d like to spend your money. Spending ethically and use your powers of though to make great money choices. Local tradespeople or crafters will appreciate your money and be able to put back into creating more locally. Don’t give in to feelings of guilt or obligation for where and how you should spend your money. Make it a fun process to analyse where spending money is fun and enjoyable and where it is not. Change how you express yourself with your money by making more good feelings when you spend it!

Your choices as a buyer do matter! Even each small choice has an effect on how you feel AND affects the person selling too! No matter how small do not feel powerless to make different choices for you and your family.

I have changed how I prepare for Christmas this year. I have realised how much Steve Seren and I are going to eat so I haven’t been stocking up on loads of goodies bought from the supermarkets, and I as a result have had more money to spend on other things important to me. Not to spoil any surprises as I know my gran won’t read this but I bought her some locally hand spun wool from my favourite local cafe “Globetrotters” which was also spun by my friend at Helix Yarns. It’s a bit more expensive than regular wool but I can afford it as had that extra money in my purse 🙂 so I feel great supporting local traders and know my gran will knit a great cardi out of it! (ps had to rescue it from my new kitten who grabbed it out the box under my bed and ran off with it!!)

The bigger picture of life as we know right now is that our perception of authority is changing rapidly!

As we are entering this astrological age of Aquarius we are learning to trust our own inner authority more instead of simply believing others know best for us. And then in addition trusting authority to always do the right thing for us. We are realising our judgements are important and valid.

It is a big responsibility to take on knowing we affect other people and the world, and a bit scary too thinking that if we are able to help others then we will be held to account for our actions if they do well or if they “fail”.

This is overwhelming as we have a hugely deep amount of love for our people and our planet. This fear of failure or of letting people down can be worked through! We will accept our limitations as humans individually but will be able to also accept our power as divine souls who can make a difference to each other. And we will each find our true power and be confident to step into the light and spread goodness one person at a time.

We will stop seeing ourselves as “little” and we acknowledge to ourselves the good we can do each and every day.

We are finally letting go of old paradigms that put us into too simple boxes. We see how to give power to each other, for example getting use out of Christmas presents and avoiding our kids adding items to their “lists” that come from adverts on TV that will be out of fashion in a couple of months!

So to sum up how much of your clear thinking you take forward with you depends on the decisions you make in this time, and those that you chose for the coming months too in your plans.

Let the past knowingly settle and change your thinking so you can be more in your own authority. Consider how each small choice affects your energy and those in your community too where you can feasibly do so.

We like to appreciated and receive good value. Where can we send that out to those who will appreciate us and also get good value in exchange?

Happy Winter Solstice and rejoice in the clear deep reflection time!