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Moving towards your dreams

  • Posted on August 28, 2013 at 11:11 am

How do we get inspiration?

Jennifer Sanders

And how do we get inspired to take action and create something for ourselves?

Sometimes we have an ideas for what we want to do, a place we want to go, a new skill we want, but we then we feel we have no idea how to achieve it!

It stays as a far off dream and we don’t get the pleasure of the experience of it in our lives.

We miss out on fun times and growth into a new way of living.

At other times we don’t even get the idea of what we want, we simply feel as if there is something missing!

Something more we could be doing with our lives.

Balance On Purpose

But we aren’t sure what that is so we don’t take any steps towards it, because we aren’t sure what opportunities to look out for!

So what’s happening?

If we get inspiration but don’t follow it, we are hindering ourselves moving forward. The reason for this is we that we ourselves have made certain choices that stop us taking the action towards the dream.

We are not aware about those choices, but we keep making them over and over again otherwise we would move forward!

It is likely that we just didn’t realise the negative effect these choices would have on us. We now don’t realise that another choice IS possible.

What about if we aren’t getting inspiration, just the feeling that there is more?

If we continue to make choices that are against our highest good we slowly move away from being in balance with what we are like at soul-level. Oh and at soul level we are the most amazing and positive version of ourselves ever!!

It is as if we become so out of balance with that part of ourselves we just don’t “hear” inspiration coming through any more 🙁

Are you becoming more into balance with your soul? What dreams are you working towards?

I’d love to hear about the dreams you have been inspired with…

Remember if you have had the dream then you are part of the way there already yay!

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Start living for your passions

  • Posted on July 12, 2013 at 9:31 am

Do you feel as if you have “used up” so much energy overcoming a difficult situation that you are left drained?


When we have had to deal with a challenging time in our life, we can be left feeling as if we are “just surviving”.

We made it through out the other side, but are left with little get up and go!

We don’t have the motivation to get started on our new phase of life properly.


Maybe our heart is still aching and we have a lot of hurt still left inside us..

We know there is a way to heal, we just don’t know what way!


SO, what is it that is preventing us moving forward with gusto in our life again?

The good news is that we can attract situations into our lives that  we want. We just have to make the right choices so that we will heal ourselves!


So we just need to understand what choices we’ve made up until now that have caused us to get so burnt out and unable to renew ourselves.

What are the basic choices that we are making incorrectly?

Number 1

How we invest our energy!

Mainstream education lacks in teaching us about the energy flow through the subtle energy bodies that we have. So we just don’t become aware how our thoughts, actions and emotions have energetic consequences.

Energy flows between each level of our being from the soul or spiritual level, through the mental body, through the emotional body and then into the physical body. It also flows out into the world and to other people and situations.

What we think of, focuses our energy out to that situation, idea, person, object or place.

So if we repeatedly think of “cheese” our energy focuses on “cheese” in our mental body and also flows out to situations around us with cheese in, so that when we go to the shop we notice all the different cheeses there! In the physical level if we pick up and buy the cheese it comes home with us and into our world at home – then into our bellies 🙂

The same with our feelings, if we feel a certain emotion this manifests in our emotional body, then flows out into the world around us. So if we feel guilty alot, we notice guilt around us in the world and draw ourselves to situations that will bring us more guilt.

So what are you investing your energy in? In the mental, emotional and physical levels?


Number 2

Energy flows in all directions, to and from the things we focus on!

Therefore we also have a choice of where our energy source is – where energy flows from into us. Are we choosing energy to flow to us from the divine, through our soul and filter through our mental body then our emotional body and finally into the physical body?

If we choose this, we choose an endless supply from an unlimited source!! The universe has abundant love and there is plenty for all of us 🙂


However if we choose to “turn down” this divine energy flow with negative thoughts, feelings and tension in our physical selves then we get less from this positive source.

We instead take in energy from other sources of lower vibration, from people or places where the energy is less positive, for example the vibrations of stress, worry, hate, fear etc.

Do you know where you are taking energy from during your day?


You can reveal the choices you are making that are blocking divine energy flowing to you. You can increase your flow of energy from the divine.  

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Sending lots of love

Jennifer Sanders

Soul healing – what is the benefit?

  • Posted on June 12, 2013 at 5:59 pm

soul-mind-emotions-bodyWhy should we have soul healing …

And do our souls’ need any “healing” if they are the spiritual part of us that is connected to the greatness that is the universe?

No, it is true that our soul is the perfect part of us that is purely positive! But, we do need healing to become in balance with our soul.

When we are in balance with our soul we are moving closer to how we exist at soul level. We become more positive, happy and our lives are filled with more of the experiences that are our passions.

As we practise our passions we get into that state of being in the flow of life and more energy can pass to us from the divine source through our soul. We feel more of the positive emotions such as joy, love and compassion in these states. When we do our passions more we improve our self-image as we see ourselves excelling and enjoying life.

Soul healing can be better described as soul-level healing. We remove the blocks that separate us from being our soul-level selves, living the most positive life possible!

The blocks that prevent us moving closer into balance with our soul are very subtle, yet powerful. The further we move into balance the more subtle they become. If we knew easily what the problem was stopping us, then we would be able to work out easily how to solve it. The beauty of soul-healing is that it identifies the blocks to your next step on your spiritual path to a more magical life, removes them at soul-level and assists you in clearing them in your physical life right now.

Soul healing moves you in the direction of your highest good and the good of all others too because being in balance with your soul is to be in a state of higher positivity and more love.

Create more inspiring passionate activities and a more loving and wonderful homelife. Boost your self confidence as you learn more about the truely positive nature of your soul, and as you step into creating the more magical life you want 🙂

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