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Why are there so many people willing to go on the Jeremy Kyle show?

  • Posted on August 21, 2015 at 6:38 pm

Jennifer Sanders“Why are there so many people willing to go on the Jeremy Kyle show?” (For non-UK residents try looking his show up on YouTube and you will see people ready to fight with each each other and slate each other in terrible ways on national tv – think Jerry Springer!)

What has got into the average normal british person?
Why are normally sane and healthy people “airing their dirty laundry” not only in public but in front of millions of viewers on television!?
Episodes of the Jeremy Kyle show titles include couples who are getting paternity tests a very sensitive issue for a child to find out about and one that will affect them and their mental health as a teenager and adult. This title is a real one I found on the internet “The Father of Your Unborn Baby Is a Deadbeat!; If the Baby Is Not Mine, the Relationship Is Over! ”

I am sure these people are caring parents who spent hour upon hours (like me recently!) coo-ing and soothing their babies playing with them loving them hoping they will be good people in the future. But these parents are then going on tv to slate their ex-partner, or even current partner saying very hurtful things which will ultimately hurt their child in the future. Knock their confidence and feelings of security.
So what are the big problems that couples in today’s UK society facing that make them so angry and resentful that they forget all about the wellbeing of their children, kindness and compassion and forgiveness go out the window and they let themselves be full of hate, spitefulness and pass on bitterness to their children.

Parents are not seeing the emotional education of their children as important! They are not focusing on passing on a mindset of love, wholeness and forgiveness. Which would give their children the ability to cope with difficult times, very valuable in later life to have a skill to help them cope with situations of anxiety, bereavement, betrayal etc in a manageable way. Learning lifes lessons instead of getting fed up with life and missing out on joy and peace.

When relationships end instead of feeling all the emotions involved in an ending of a cycle and preparing for the start of a new beginning we can all too easily get stuck in the negative emotions continually. Not knowing the light at the end of the tunnel is there and must come after a tunnel of darkness has appeared and engulfed us. The universal law of growth/decay, light/dark does happen but we have to be part of the process of moving from the dark into the light again.

Modern society has lost some of the teaching passed down from mother to daughter – or from elder to younger man in the smaller tribes that we once had, that were not so focused on economic growth and working 9-5 in a “career” to keep the tribe economy going……

#1 – We suffer from tiredness and sleep deprivation from a 24 hour society, 9am-5pm (or more!) working weeks with the pressure of our wages and living costs being the same so we have to constantly work!
#2 – The teachings of emotional bouyancy and spiritual nature in the family and in mainstream education is lacking. Although there is some teaching in the “PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) type education in schools in the UK that I know of. However there are not enough skills being taught for coping and for changing your own emotions into positive.



Sending love and light to you all as always! I am hiatus from reading until the later autumn as I am on maternity leave but I can share with you my video training “How to increase your yoga practise”


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