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How can we stop attracting the men that cause us pain?

  • Posted on November 15, 2017 at 12:55 pm
Balance On Purpose

As I starting writing this blog post I first off realised I NEEDED TO CHANGE the TITLE from “How can we stop attracting the MEN (or WOMEN) that cause us pain?” to “How can we stop attracting SEXUAL LOVE that cause us pain? Actually that feels a little uncomfortable and edgy naming “sexual love” but it is definitely more accurate!   It is more correct in another way too, because it helps us SHIFT AWAY from being in the victim energy which is all yucky and is about what is being done to us without any blame on us. It…

Magical living

  • Posted on September 12, 2015 at 3:39 pm


Are you living your magical life? What is your own idea of what makes a wonderful existence on Earth? And what are you doing to live that dream and work towards make your life more like your own ideal life?

There are always more stages in life that open up like a book to reveal more magical experiences that YOU love. But these always only start with one small step at a time!

What is it that REALLY gets in the way of us living our dream life?

I would like to share with you my story that starts 5 years ago in 2010 and ends up here with me, my husband and our baby daughter living an alternative lifestyle living life partly in our converted lorry travelling around. Society considers this “abnormal” but for us this life is full of nature, love, fresh air and plenty of new experiences!

Balance On Purpose

In 2010 I was a full time secondary school teacher of science in an inner city school. I wanted to make a change to peoples’ live and help others and being a teacher was something I loved. However it consumed all my time and I spent very little at home or with my family and friends as I was out the door by 6:40am returning by 6pm and working in the evenings and weekends at home too! School holidays was taken up by marking coursework and planning schemes of work so I found I had very little  time for personal development even though I wanted to practise the Reiki healing I had learnt during my teacher training years before! Even family holidays or trips away for the weekend were limited. I really wanted my own loving family life all the time!! I was living the life I was expected to live by society – I had a house and mortgage and a full time job, paid my bills and taxes and felt as though I had little time or money left over for “me” to enjoy.  It wasn’t a case of “not earning enough” but of focusing my life’s energy onto what I thought I had to do as a good and proper citizen!

I was sadly also in a relationship where I wasn’t emotionally supported to make changes happen easily in my life. I yearned to travel again as I had done in University going to Japan for a placement year. BUT instead of feeling as though I could change my job or travel I felt trapped by my job to pay the bills and my partner even said he “wouldn’t allow” me to change jobs as it would be too unsettling!

I didn’t really know it as I felt “quite happy” with my life, but I was in a rut!

Instead of making a change myself consciously, the change I craved happened unconsciously and my partner and I split up. This separation kick started my personal development to be more empowered and make changes happen consciously when I wanted to change. I was able to look at why I picked certain relationships that didn’t make me happy. I was able to change jobs to a life where I had time to learn new skills and spend quality time with my family. I then took the plunge in making changes and made the biggest changes EVER! I moved to a new country and re-trained to be qualified Soul realignment practitioner and I then felt confident enough to finally set up my own business in the healing arts and psychic readings! I had been terrified of having my own business earlier in my life and now I finally had started, knowing I would always have my previous teaching qualifications as a way of earning money if needed.

It was not all plain sailing – big ups and downs letting go of old habits, old thought patterns and recognising when I was “quite happy” but not really fully feeling the zest of life I craved! This process continues and even now I know I need to reassess when I feel myself going through the motions but not really loving what I’m doing.

My biggest changes occurred in France after having my  own Soul realignment reading and revealing why I’d always had unhappy times in love relationships and why I’d always done what society expected of me instead of making my own heart’s desires come true. I was shocked at what I had chosen for myself lifetime after lifetime and continually throughout this life. After making those first changes to travel more and give myself more time to develop and be me I was finally ready to zoom forwards into making my life more magical! Little did I know what was to come!

I met the man who would become my husband in France through my best friend and her partner. We fell madly in love, he was everything I thought was great in a person: funny, kind, sweet, generous, full of stories of exciting things he had done, hardworking and clever and sociable too. He proposed after 6 weeks together and I embarked on my new life and new adventure with him. Within a year of being together we had travelled back to UK, bought a boat, saved for our dream wedding by working hard together, got married and then conceived our first child!

We travelled together in our converted lorry and I tried out living “in the truck” as we  called it and truck3loved it! Living so close to nature and fresh air is completely wonderful. Having a new baby was a bit daunting for me without running water so we live at the moment partly in a beautiful bungalow and partly in the truck. I’m looking forward to visiting our friends in Europe in Holland, France and Spain in the truck and showing our baby girl many sights!


Finding Calm Amidst the Storm: It’s all About Perspective

  • Posted on March 23, 2014 at 11:18 am

This article is by Sarah Wilson, the founder and creator behind the Authentic Persona brand. She is a graduate of the Social Service Worker Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa Canada and visionary for authenticity dedicated to helping women rise through their struggles and see their potential to create their path authentically; despite setbacks, trauma or heartbreak. With her background in Social Work paired with her life experience, being born with a disability or what she calls unique ability Sarah also brings a unique perspective to the table.

Balance On Purpose

Finding Calm Amidst the Storm: It’s all About Perspective


I never knew until recently what polarity really meant but I have come to understand it as the act of attraction or manifestation. For example what you attract or manifest to your life is what’s meant to be in that moment. Sometimes negative situations arise and sometime we attract negative things to our lives but these things later on could turn out to be a great thing, it’s all about perspective. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and whether good or bad, every experience we have in our life was brought to us for a reason. For example, I was born with a physical disability or what I call “unique ability”. I think it also has to do with your energy and keeping it in a positive state rather than negative. I think as much as you need that push and pull of negative vs. positive in order to have life lessons and make the best decisions for yourself within each moment; it is very import to try to find some kind of balance that works for you. This is because being super happy all the time can be super annoying very fast to others but also being down all the time is not only draining to you but can be draining to others around you as well.
For me I have always thought that having a “disability” and living on assistance, and living in low income housing is just the way it was always going to be for me. I really got into a space where I settled and thought this was just as good s it was going to get. But starting College at 18 I really started this journey of self discovery and it was when I started my business and left my last relationship that I decided, “No, this isn’t as good as it gets; I want more for myself.” It sincerely took these two life moments to really get me realizing that things needed to change.

spring projects
Life has been far from easy for me but I refuse to have things handed to me. I think that working for things helps build your character and helps you see that working for what you want makes it worth having in the end, it also helps you see what it is you TRULY want for yourself. Growing up I had a lot of support and it wasn’t that things were handed to me but I didn’t want for much either. Funnily enough growing up I also didn’t have many moments where I was made fun of or looked at as “different”, this really didn’t take place until my first year of College. I didn’t quite understand this coming from a very sheltered background but also coming from a small town and moving to a small town. But I guess location doesn’t decide people’s nature and whether or not they will respect you. This was just yet another character building moment in my life.
Throughout my journey I really wouldn’t change anything because I think if I did I wouldn’t be where I am in my life and I wouldn’t have met the people I have. Like I said this life hasn’t been easy and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but I think it takes a strong person to get through the things that I have overcome and why I have had issues with confidence throughout my life I believe there has always been some part of me that knew I could persevere, and I did!
In life I think balance comes from, belief, trust and faith in yourself and that you can do whatever you set out to do. I don’t think anyone can have 100% balance all the time because people’s faith and trust gets tested from time to time, after all no one is perfect right? I have come to realize that the key for me is those I have around me that really help to make the difference. I do think it is extremely important to have your own faith and belief in yourself but having other likeminded people around you who believe in you just makes it all that much easier to keep moving forward. For me, I have always felt that this happened to me for a reason and I believe everyone was put here for a purpose. I think mine is to teach others what it’s like to live in this lifestyle and spread the message that no matter what your obstacles in life you can persevere.
I’ve learned throughout my life it is important to be grateful for what you have because not only can it be taken from you in an instant but when you think things couldn’t get worse remember there is always someone else out there that has it worse off than you but no matter where you are in life there is always a way around your obstacles.



More about Sarah and Authentic Persona…

Starting in 2011 and molding her original idea into the amazing brand that showcases exactly who she is today in 2014 she has made it her mission to not only help women rise through their struggles and see their potential to create their path authentically or on their own terms.

Sarah says:

“I help women find the tools to feel empowered to be who they were truly meant to be authentically and make no excuses for it but to create a society that looks past what each other can’t do to see that we are all unique and have “unique abilities”. Our setbacks, struggles and heartbreaks are a part of us, they don’t make us who we are and so we help women rise through their struggles to stand in their own power as they woman they were meant to be.”
“There are two types of people in the world; those who know they can and those who think they can’t, which side of the fence are you on” – Sarah Wilson


Loads of love and light as always!

Jennifer Sanders

Balance On Purpose xxx