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Realign with your soul and be healthy wealthy and wise

  • Posted on October 30, 2015 at 10:02 pm
Soul realignment

Soul realignment

We all want to feel balanced with abundant energy, time for our families and enough money for the things we desire aswell as paying the bills!

But all too often we end up worrying about if we did something wrong in a relationship or if we did the right thing by making that choice to eat out or to pay that bill now, leaving us feeling unsettled or unsatisfied with our actions. In effect we do too much naval gazing in a bad way – over analysing every move and holding ourselves back from really fully enjoying each moment of the day and what we are doing in the present.

To be happy, says the Dalai Lama in his book “The Art of happiness” we don’t need MORE money. In fact in situations where people have become very wealthy we can still be miserable if our mindset is not correct. What does make us happy is being balanced with our money so that we live without worry. This is different for each person and while we all have the opportunities open up to make that bit more money from where we are if we are not content with our status quo no amount of up-leveling of our income will make us truely happy.

It makes me so sad when I hear people say “I can’t be there for my mum / dad / sister etc because I have work. Now I’m not saying that there are not constraints on our time when we are working, but by believing that work gets in the way of relationships (which to me is the most important thing in my life – meaningful connections with the ones we love) we are totally living an unhappy life full of guilt that we are working but wanting to do something else the whole time. Our attitude to our work / life balance is key. I see people who are very hard working have careers and earn good money but still spend lots of time with family and feel happy with their relationships feeling as though they are both putting in the same amount of time and energy into these bonds to keep them thriving.

So lastly to health and abundant energy!! Something so precious is our health. The main downfall to lacking abundant energy is giving into the idea in our minds “I don’t have time to do that”. I know this feeling well trying to keep going with daily yoga for the last 16 years. The vast majority of those 16 years I’ve practised my yoga daily. But there are bumps in the road and life happens – just today I was so pleased to do 3 asanas (yoga positions) in a row for the first time in months after having my baby 4 months ago and newborn pups to raise month ago. But now that I’ve done it being this busy and after such a massive change and shock to the system the change has taken place and I’ve fitted it into my schedule and every day now I commit to doing those 3 asanas again. But no I didn’t gain any time just shifted my perspective of time a bit! I can feel the difference already in my stress and tension. I now know no matter how busy I am in the future with my (hopefully) many children to come I will find the time to do what is right for my health. What do you do regularly that helps your health stay tip-top? (Or sometimes don’t do…..!!)

What things in your mind make you worry, stop you feeling good in your relationships and about yourself? Remember if you know it, it can’t hold you back anymore – so go you for owning it and taking steps forward!!

If you would you like to pinpoint the source of your worries and let them go at your soul level then please book a Soul realignment reading with me!

To your health and happiness
Sending much love and light

Jennifer xxxx
Balance On Purpose

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