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Too busy?

  • Posted on June 25, 2013 at 11:17 am

There are 5 root causes that make us feel:

Can’t be MOTIVATED enough
To do what you really want to do.
You love yoga, or meditation or painting or whatever your passion is.
BUT you just don’t get round to doing it everyday!!!
Here is the first ROOT CAUSE that stop you doing what you love….
  1. You were pushed to be a high achiever as a child to gain good results in life.How does this CAUSE the symptoms too TIRED / too BUSY / can’t be MOTIVATED?

This problem arises because we were taught as youngsters that by doing more, we got more praise and love!

The focus was not on the “quality” of one piece of work that could be admired and give pleasure and satisfaction for a job well done.

No! The focus became on always producing more and more results every single day. In every moment, in every topic at school. Which then translates into always achieving more and more in every area of life as a adult!


From this well meaning focus on success only, we forget the importance of failure and learning of skills from a place at the bottom, or at the start when we have little or no skill and so achieve no results.

This focus on constant achievement leaves no place for selecting what your strengths are, or for working out what you really like and what you don’t like. How do you know what you really, really want to do when you are just trying to produce success in every single topic?

There is also no room for breaking down of old paradigms that aren’t working, if all you are doing is aiming to produce success in everything.

As in nature, you can’t have another full season of growth if you don’t remove the old growth first and let it die off. Otherwise the new growth is stunted and can’t be as successful.


If you don’t know how to fail or break something down confidently then how can you build something new easily too? When we know how to stop doing old things and let them go we have space for new habits to form.

Too busy?

If you want to create a new hobby or new habit within an already existing busy life, you must know how to let go of something old that you no longer want as much as the new thing. Then the space will be there for it to flourish.


If you can’t let go of something in your life you will be sooooo BUSY trying to fit in too many things and it just wont work! You will constantly think that you must do everything to a high level and so make your schedule really full with no time for your real passions.

So what do you have to let go of to create a new habit in your life?

The rest of the 5 root causes of too TIRED/too BUSY/can’t be MOTIVATED will be revealed in my free webinar on Saturday 6th July register here!

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