Love from your soul self

  • Posted on March 15, 2017 at 3:34 pm

Love from your soul self is so important because we would all like to feel loved and valued all the time. We would like our lives to have a meaning and purpose that is important to us.


When we feel loved and valued we feel more deeply that we have purpose. If we are loved (and FEEL loved) we also feel that we are valuable.

If we make the mistake of listening purely to our own emotional body and our emotional state that naturally goes up and down in cycles, we aren’t feeling the whole truth. We can then easily feel that people in our families don’t love us if our emotional state is in a lower position. We can have bad weeks because of this feeling of not being loved and valued.

One of the biggest problems we face in relationships is when arguments happen that do not get sorted out. This leads to bigger problems! Conflict and different opinions are normal parts of life as we all have different viewpoints however arguments can be a real problem if we don’t feel loved and valued – in those emotional troughs especially because we lash out in anger and don’t communicate productively to get arguments resolved before they carry on too long and RESENTMENT builds up.

Resentment is not a feeling of love and blocks the flow of love too.


Love from our soul self helps us to avoid resentment. When we can be more in alignment with our soul self we can receive more love from our soul self. We are able to feel a range of appropriate emotions but we don’t sink into anger or pain so much that we project this anger outwards at people we love.

We are open and balanced at the throat chakra to be able to tell our views but in a way that is in the highest good of all – what does than mean you might ask? It means with kindness so as not to hurt or wound, assertive but not acid, full of emotion but with a purpose. We can pitch the level of our views so we say it in a way that 1) achieves a resolution and 2) lets our views be known and received most easily.

Feeling more love from your soul self allows us to keep in mind the outcome that we want to achieve with our loved ones.

Feeling more love from your soul self comes from being more in alignment with your soul self. Finding out about your soul self and the divine gifts your soul has in your DNA and soul “blueprint” means you will feel more love from your soul self for YOU! As you move step by step more into alignment with your soul self more and more love flows through from the divine 🙂

Hurrah to that!

Love, light and truth to you all xxxxx



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